"Local's Choice" Favorites

A totally biased list of our favorite places around Park City. These are featured based on reputation and first-hand experience, none are "paid listings" and yes, they represent our personal opinion...but, isn't that what you want from a local? These are just a sampling of the great places in town and by no means represent an exhaustive list...that would be huge. This list will be added to regularly so check back often.

Favorite Activity Company

Exclusive Excursions

The owner, Jeff, is one of the nicest people you will meet in Park City and ...he knows everything there is to do here! His company offers hiking, biking, float trips and more in summer and everything from snowmobiling to snowshoeing in winter. Check out his Trip Advisor reviews, 100's of 5 star reviews! For a good time...Give them a call!

Favorite Watering Hole

Butcher's Chop House & Bar

This was a tough one as there were quite a few "favorites" nominated but, the discussion threatened to run into the wee hours so after numerous rounds, plenty of 3rd party comments and a smile from the waitress an editorial judgment call was made at 9PM and Butcher's took top honors. Other bars are welcome to invite us in to reconsider the decision....

Favorite Unique Experience

Crystal Springs Healing

Looking for a special experience? Carina is a world renowned holistic healer, medical intuitive and spiritual counselor. Her clientele spans the globe and yet, if you are visiting Park City, you're in luck, she lives here locally. For those with an open mind, or simply a willingness to explore, a session with Carina can be life changing.

Favorite Therapist

Be Integrative Wellness

Although she works out of California she does long distance therapy if one isn't able to travel to see her. Bianca works with a number of techniques including traditional family therapy and couples counseling, group therapy, youth counseling and equine therapy. Well trained and experienced she is worth the call.

Favorite Adrenaline Rush

Olympic Park - Bobsled Experience

Lots of adrenaline - Yes
Bonding time - Yup
Bragging Rights - Oh yeah!
Talk about for years - You betcha

Cool Local Made Invention

Herb Spiral Gardens

If you have heard about herb spirals you know they are a super smart way to grow herbs. Typically constructed of rock or brick they reside in a garden and are usually quite large. Great if you have the space.

But wait! What if there were an herb spiral the was portable? That fit on a deck or patio? And, it grew just the right amount of herbs for a household that likes to cook fresh food. Spiral Garden is a local company that makes portable herb spirals and is the only one offering them in the U.S. Check them out, they really work.


Favorite Park City Plumber

Silver Mountain Plumbing

Water Heaters
Water Conditioning
New Builds

Favorite Roofer

North Face Roofing

OK...so they mostly focus on large commercial roofing projects or at least large high-end homes...still, their reputation earned them a spot here because, hey, good guys need acknowledgement too.

Favorite Artisan

Park City Tile Contractors

Tile Installation
Granite Countertops
Exotic Stone
Luis brings traditional family expertise passed down for generations to every project and the results are beautiful!

Favorite Park City Painter

Provines Painting

Brian Provines has been keeping Park City homes looking great for twenty years or more. When it comes to house painting , or fences, or decks, he knows high altitude painting and it shows. With a reputation for quality work Brian is the guy to call.

Favorite Esthetician

Park City Esthetician

Karen Bettis is an expert at skin care and it shows. No novice to the field she has studied under the best and continues to be among the most highly rated estheticians in the area. Experienced caring service backed by a slew of recommendations means you are in good hands.